API Science

Traditional monitoring services were designed long before APIs became core to modern applications. API Science is designed specifically for monitoring APIs. Sure, we understand REST, JSON, OAuth, XML. No problem.

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API Paths

Get Contacts List (GET) /api/{version}/contacts OpenAPI
Update a Contact (PATCH) /contacts/{id}.json OpenAPI
Create a Contact (POST) /contacts.json OpenAPI
Deleting a tag () /inventory/tags OpenAPI
Poll Monitor (GET) /monitor/poll_now/{monitor_id} OpenAPI
Activate Monitor (PUT) /monitors/activate/{monitor_id} OpenAPI
Get All Monitors (GET) /monitors OpenAPI
Get Checks For A Monitor (GET) /monitors/{id}/checks.json OpenAPI
Performance Report (GET) /monitors/{id}/performance OpenAPI
Show a Monitors Templates (GET) /monitors/{id}/templates OpenAPI
Create a Template (POST) /monitors/{id}/templates/{templates] OpenAPI
Uptime Report (GET) /monitors/{id}/uptime.json OpenAPI
Update Monitor (PUT) /monitors/{monitor_id} OpenAPI
Create a Monitor (POST) /monitors OpenAPI
Apply Actions to Multiple Monitors (PUT) /monitors OpenAPI